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Monday, February 9, 2015

[WONJIN BEAUTY MEDICAL GROUP]Wrinkle free eyes with upper blepharoplasty at Wonjin? Best eye surgery at Wonjin?

Want to get wrinkle free eyes? Upper blepharoplasty can help 


for wrinkle free eyes, upper blepharoplasty at wonjin plastic surgery in korea

1. What is upper blepharoplasty? 
Upper blepharoplasty is appropriate for improving eye wrinkles due to aging. Saggy eye areas are pulled and excess skin is removed to tighten the forehead, eyebrows, and eyelids to make your eyes appear more lively. Double eyelids can be made with this procedure but even if you have mono eyelids surgery is possible.

2. Upper blepharoplasty features 
upper blepharoplasty features

3. Upper blepharoplasty surgical process 
upper blepharoplasty surgical process

4. Upper blepharoplasty key points

Improve the fundamental cause of
eye wrinkles by strengthening the muscles!

Regular upper blepharoplasty - skin removal 
Regular upper blepharoplasty methods which only involve skin removal - later on can come undone.

Wonjin upper blepharoplasty - skin removal + muscle reinforcement

After removing excess skin, the muscles used to lift the eyes are strengthened to correct the fundamental cause of saggy skin.

Why is it important to strengthen the muscles?

Within our eyelids is the levator palpebrae superioris muscle which is used to lift the eyes. As skin naturally becomes saggy with age, the levator muscle gets weaker which can make the eyes droop more.
That's why at Wonjin, we work on providing more than just aesthetic improvements, and tackle the fundamental problems for optimal results.
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