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Friday, December 4, 2015

Food that helps emission for sodium in the body!

Food that helps emission for sodium in the body!
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We aim to find hot soups on this freezing weather in Korea. But having Korean hot pot may cause hyperingestion of sodium. Sodium is definitely necessary nutrient for body but may be an indirect cause of many diseases such as hypertension, stomach cancer, renal disease, osteoporosis, obesity, and lack of potassium. Try to take sodium adequately, and if you wish to discharge excessive sodium from body, here are some suggestions of the foods which will help!
1.     Banana
Contains 500mg/ full of dietary fiber and protein which is good for diet
2.     Pear
Contains 17mg potassium per 100g/ discharges sodium from body/ prevent hypertension/ lowers blood cholesterol pressure

3.     Kiwi
Contains 290mg potassium per 100g/ lowers blood pressure by having only 3 per day
4.     Black beans
Contains 1,240mg potassium per 100g/ purifies blood, lowers blood pressure/ lowers cholesterol

5.     Potato
Contains 396mg potassium per 100g/ useful as menu for patients who suffer from arteries hardening because it lowers the blood pressure.
6.     Broccoli
Contains 450mg potassium per 100g/ lessen the possibility of delivering deformed child/ prevent anemia, and cancer



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