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Monday, February 1, 2016

Long Lasting Filler – Artecoll! Be naturally beautiful!

Long Lasting Filler – Artecoll!
Be naturally beautiful!
There are more and more people who prefer to get the filler injection for less pain than surgery and become naturally younger. Let find out more about the filler that lasts up to 10 years, Artecoll!
Long lasting Filler - What is Artecoll?
Artecoll filler which was approved by FDA of USA is also being used for bone adhesion. It contains PMMA ingredients which institutes bone, cartilage, and skin with scleroprotein collagen components. It is innovative material providing semi-permanent effect making up weak points of general short-time lasting filler.
Long lasting Filler – The Advantages of Artecoll

1.    Safety
Artecoll is the only semi-permanent filler that’s been sold over 15 years which is approved for durability/safety to be used over 10 years.
2.    Economic
Compare to hyaluronic filler which has to be injected every 6 months, it is economically saving in long term.
3.    Scarcity
Artecoll can only be treated at 10 clinics in Korea with capability.
4.    Durability
Artecoll is the only implant filler with domestic data of over 10 years. It must be injected above the fat layer over derma layer of the skin which is different with general fillers injected on right below the skin layer. (Therefore the treatment has to be performed by expert with experience.)
Long lasting Filler – Recommended to people who
- wish to have volume on face!
- wish to have rhinoplasty effect without surgery!
- wish to get rid of the wrinkles by only one time treatment!
- wish to get semi-permanent filler effect!
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