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Monday, April 4, 2016

Noticeable but Natural, Wonjin’s Canthoplasty!

Noticeable but Natural,
Wonjin’s Canthoplasty!
It is relatively simple procedure compared to other plastic surgery, which to increase the size of the eye. Naturally the feeling of the whole face can be pretty. Usually, plastic surgery is very common and called as non-surgical method just like a make-up but do not forget the fact that it is surgery. Depending on the surgeon's experience, know-how, and skills will make a huge difference after surgery. Be pretty and looking natural!
1.     Do eyes get bigger by epicanthoplasty?
If the size of eyes are big enough horizontally and vertically, the effect of epicanthoplasty surgery will be sufficient but if you want a more dramatic effect, we recommend combination of double eyelid surgery.
2.     Doesn’t it leave scar?
The incision and suture are
a will be inward part of conjunctiva so you can be rest assured about the invisible scarring.

3.     Do eyes look too close together after the epicanthoplasty?
We always consider the harmony of distance between the eyes and the amount of redness of the inner corner to be exposed.
4.     Will the outer corner of the eyes close back after the lateral canthoplasty?
Different from the previous lateral canthoplasty where the incision is done on the outer part, Wonjin’s canthoplasty incise the inward part of conjunctiva and removes the mucous membrane that attaches the skin again so you do not need to be concerned about the recurrence.

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