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Brighten Up Yunr Skin! with Wonjin Effect's 'Wonjin Effect's' 'Whitening Tone-up Facial Mask'

Brighten Up Your Skin!
with Wonjin Effect's ""Whitening ?Tone*up FacialMask"

I hope everyone's staying cool and not feeling too exhausted in this scorching heat! In such temperatures, it is very likely that your skin will feel dry and irritated which is very worrying to us. I, on the other hand, have been managing to keep my skin nicely rejuvenated. Instead of going through my daily skin care routine after a long day of UV ray exposure, I have reached my conclusion to a solution for better skin, face mask enhancement.

Wonjin Effect's 'Whitening Tone-up Mask' packs manufactured by Wonjin Beauty Medical Group have been my personal preference this summer, and I must say, it's been working wonders for me. It's the packaging that got my initial attention; look how pretty the colors are! So, let me tell you something about this product.

Whitening Tone-up Masks! Also known as, 'Lightening Mask Pack'. As the name speaks for itself, it illuminates your skin tone! From my understanding, a product called RealCell is currently being used by patients at Wonjin Plastic Surgery as a method to decrease swelling and speedy recovery.

'Lightening Mask Pack' contains the same ingredients as RealCell, and the mask sheet is as thin as the inner lining of an egg shell. This allows for the sheet to adhere to the skin more naturally without forming gaps and air bubbles between the skin and the mask. The sheet contains natural ceramide, collagen, hyaluron and many other incredible ingredients that benefit our skin. Furthermore, EIGHT (8) whitening concoctions including peonies, ginseng, edelweiss, lotus, lillies, milk, rice grains, and snow mushrooms are included in the sheet.

- Effective Whitening || Fast Absorption || High Elasticity
- I honestly cannot wait to use this!

Alright, lets reveal what's inside the packaging. There are TWO mask sheets folded nicely inside.

There is a white sheet that is attached to a light blue film. I would strongly suggest you take off the 'film' AFTER you have applied the sheet onto your face.

Peel the corner of the film, seperating it from the mask sheet, then apply the sheet onto the face. Then, peel off the entire film once you feel safe to do so.

Relax for 15-20 minutes. The cohesion between the sheet and my skin is seamless. I was amazed. I walked around the house doing chores for the entire 20 minutes, and the sheet was still intact!

After removing the sheet from my face, I found that there were still plenty of creme essense left inside the packaging. Too good to waste, I felt the necessity to cut the package open and applied the rest of the essense on my face. ^^

The adhesiveness of the sheet stood up to its name. Due to the seamless junction between my skin and the sheet, the entire creme ingredients were absorbed. Take a look at the sixth image as evidence! The first thing I noticed was how revitalized my skin looked. No word of a lie, the elasticity returned, and appeared to be brighter. No other facial mask sheets can be compared to this. 'Lightening Mask Pack'- best of the best!

I would honestly recommend this product to anyone who has troubled and dehydrated skin, or anyone willing to add a litte extra to to their beauty. Try it! You won't regret it!  



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