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Friday, September 9, 2016

Loosing belly Fat-Lets loose belly fat by drinking tasty juice

Belly fat is known as the most difficult body fat to loose. Not only it is important to have exercise, but also it requires having strict diet. Thus, we are now presenting five different beverages that loose belly fat, which ruins our body lines.

<Recipe 1>

Apple + Cinnamon Juice

Apples are rich source of Vitamin B and C, which is considered to be helpful for diabetes or heart disease while cinnamon reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Eating apples with cinnamon is really good for getting rid of fat.

<Recipe 2>

Mango + Ginger Juice

Mixing mango and ginger juice is an unexpected combination that people do not know. However, the combination of mango and ginger juice speeds up the metabolism and helps to remove an abdominal fat.

<Recipe 3>

Cucumber + Citrus Juice

Drinking juice that contains infused citrus fruits with cucumber helps people with stomach issues and improves body circulation.

<Recipe 4>

Blueberry + Orange Juice

Blueberries are extremely high in anti-oxidants and protein. There is no doubt that blueberries are good for a diet and health care.

<Recipe 5>

Strawberry + Citrus + Cinnamon Juice

This juice is good for people who like sweets because it is a natural way to satisfy the body. Cinnamon is clinically proven to help cholesterol levels. For those people that are trying to manage weight studies show that eating cinnamon and strawberries trick the mind to think that we are eating chocolate. 

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