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Rhinoplasty Review - After I done with my two jaw surgery at Wonjin, and I decided to do a rhinoplasty!

[Before Surgery] I am here again~
Hello!! I am back again!
I am about to get rhinoiplasty after I got my two jaw surgery done.
I was so stressed about my crooked nose as much as I hated my jaw, and I was considering about rhinoplasty as well because my nose had functional issues.
Honestly I’ve been to other clinics for consultation as well, but the greatest thing about WONJIN was that they have ENT specialist on-site.
I have also asked other clinics about ENT specialists but they didn’t care a hoot.
My nose is not that flat, so I am going to use thin silicone implant to make my nose bridge little higher while it still looks natural, and use my own cartridge to adjust on my tip.
Please anticipate my experience on rhinoplasty~

[3 days after]] I look like a carp TT
I got rhinoplasty and thread lifting done together this time~
The surgery was surprisingly done when I was awake from sleeping!! Ha ha
I felt dizzy after surgery because I was put under general anesthesia.
However I could recover and was dismissed from the clinic quicker than I expected because nurses in the recovery room were very nice and took good care of me~
I had to wear bandage around my face because I had lifting procedure done, but it was really hard and I felt suffocating TT
Well I just have to stand with this for 3 days…
I tend to get swollen more than others… So there is a carp in the mirror on the 3rd day after the surgery…
I couldn’t eat well… I didn’t feel like eating… It was really hard.
However I will become prettier after this suffering passes!! So I will just be patient and wait. Ha ha

[7 days after]

Swelling is subsiding really fast~~
Now I look more like normal person~~
I got my bandages removed today.
After the bandages were removed, OMG!! My saggy cheek was lifted and tightened!
It is so amazing… Ha ha.
I also got the stitches removed on my nose, and it was hard because I could feel the stinging pain TT
I think I had to wear more sprints than others maybe because of my crooked nose.
It feels uncomfortable but I will be patient for few more days for my nose~
I took a selfie without sprint on my nose while I was getting treatment for my nose~
It looked amazing~ The height of my nose bridge was similar to my original nose bridge, but something did really change!! My impression has changed as well!! Ha ha
My nose still looks dull because of swelling~ But I will look forward for my brand new nose. Ha ha.
I am so excited because I can get my sprint removed next week!

[2 weeks after]
I finally got to remove my sprint TT
Isn’t this amazing?
I got my sprint removed before the second week after surgery, and I was back to work straight after.
People’s reaction was… They were saying that it looks natural and great~

I had cute impression before, and I am very happy that people think that I look more feminine, luxurious, prettier and more mature~
I hope my swelling subsides little more.
I am also very happy that I can breathe easier as I got the plastic thing inside my nose removed.
My nose is straight now!! I am so happy that I don’t have to edit my photos to hide my crooked nose anymore. Ha ha

[After 1 month] It looks like my own nose~
Minor swellings are subsiding more and more.
I don’t feel any pain when I touch my nose and it just feels like my own. Ha ha
It was hard to touch my nose because it was so painful. TT
But it’s alright even when I am washing my face.

It has been a month already.
It feels amazing… and just amazing.
Now I understand why people get rhinoplasty.
I am doing well without any discomfort.
It looks amazing when I look into mirror.
I feel great especially when I am taking photos because my impression has changed. Ha ha ha.

[After 2 months] No one notices that I had surgery ^^

It seems like most of minor swelling has subsided…TT
It seems like my nose bridge is slightly lower as the swelling is gone… I think it was better when it was still swollen.
No one notices that I had rhinoplasty and they say that it looks so natural and seems like I didn’t have any surgery… lol.
I am thinking that it could have been better if I had my nose bridge slightly higer than this…T.T It has same height as my own nose bridge.
The shape has change but of course there is no limit to one’s desire. Ha Ha
I am on diet recently. I will lose much weight and get my body shape toned.
So I will become much prettier. I gained too much weight…;; I will come back with review after I become prettier♡

[After 3 months] I am confident even without makeup~

This is my 3rd month where most of swelling subsides and settle down.
My nose looks so natural so no one notices until I tell them I had rhinoplasty…
But I am sad because my nose tip looks lower after the swelling was subsided…TT
But I am still satisfied because it looks natural. Ha Ha
My crooked nose has been improved a lot.
And I feel really great because my jaw line looks more defined after my saggy cheek was lifted by thread lifting.
Many people ask me about the clinic where I had my lifting done, and even that makes me happy. Ha Ha.
There are many people who say that I became prettier and I feel fine even without makeup.
I used to cover myself up with makeup all the time, and I think this is the confidence without makeup.

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  2. Hi,
    Thank you for such an informative article.I want to ask you about how long it will take to recover?rhinoplasty augmentation


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