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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tips for traveling to Korea

If you are reading this post at the moment, you might have been searching and planning for traveling to Korea.

Do you want to visit Korea? Where do you want to go?

How long are you staying in Korea? Who are you accompanying with?

These four elements are the most important factors.

You have to clarify on these four elements before you visit Korea.

If you are done with this, I will introduce some important tips for traveling Korea from now on.

1.     Is Kimchi really spicy?

The answer is No. It’s not that spicy. In fact Chili source from Mexico is even spicier.
The reason for Kimichi to be red in color is because of chili powder, and the taste of chili powder isn’t that strong inside your mouth. So you don’t have to be worried.

2.     Which transportation should I take 
to visit Seoul from Busan and the other way round?

In Korea, there is high-speed train called KTX. It is significantly faster than usual train and KTX only takes about 3 hours to get to a destination that usual train takes 6 hours.
If you book KTX tickets in advance according to your desired destination, you can visit many places with relatively cheap budget.

You won’t have problem with booking the tickets as KTX operates English website as well.

3.     Do not carry too much cash outside.

You don’t really need too much money even when you want to buy many souvenirs.
If you are not willing to buy expensive items like jewelries, do not carry too much cash outside.

Oh! Please remember that you may not be able to withdraw your desired amount of cash from ATM as there is limitation on withdrawing cash.

4.     Buy a Sim card or Wi-Fi egg from the airport

This is a generation where there is smart phone.

Due to the development of this technology, it is possible for you to communicate with someone who lives far away via Messenger or internet.

Don’t try to find Wi-Fi signal after you get out of airport.

You will be free from care if you buy Sim card or Wi-Fi egg from the airport.

There are other great tips remaining as well, but I will finish here.

The greatest way to travel well is thorough planning.

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