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Monday, January 9, 2017

Cosmetic recommendations for winter, WONJIN baby glow cream and Cellcera Lip balm

For today, I will introduce brand new cosmetic products from WONJIN for people who are finding their skins are becoming like desert because of these days’ cold and dry weather.

Just as usual, these new products have also been produced based on our dermatologists rich experience and our own research team’s thorough research, and one of them is WONJIN EFFECT’s Baby Glow Cream!

WONJIN EFFECT’s Baby Glow Cream is extremely popular on SNS already, and has been sold out for SECOND TIME! Already!

This cream has great absorbability while making your skin glow by vitalizing the skin!

Then, do we use this cream at night only?

The answer is, NO!

WONJIN EFFECT’s Baby Glow Cream can be used during day time unlike other functional cosmetic products.

In fact, the effect of intensive skin care gets better when you get it ‘from day time’, not only at night time!

There are three main components in this cream, and it is whitening liquid that contains WONJIN SCF, WONJIN’s secret special care element, and 8 types of white complex components!

From now on, we will have a look at WOJIN SCF, which takes an important role in WONJIN’s ‘Skin Rejuvenating Project’!

WONJIN SCF component has same structure and component to our skin, which helps on the recovery of damaged dermis to its healthy condition.

Apart from these components, Baby Glow Cream’s hyaluronic acid, collagen and ceramide components help our skin to glow itself!

So here’s a little hint of WONJIN’s secret special care element for people who are wondering what this was!

Special care element is components that can make our skin ‘vitalized’ and improve on ‘skin elasticity’ at the same time,

This can make your skin tightened and vitalized as significant as other people to notice, even with one session on treatment.

This secret special care element contains mineral thermal water, salmon, trenella fuciformis and so on!

Of course the rest is secret!

Normally, there will be many people who don’t like these sorts of rejuvenating cosmetics because of their stickiness, and WONJIN EFFECT’s Baby Glow Cream has solved this problem!

Can you see this significant difference?

This will be great news for people like me who don’t want to be bothered with applying cream as you can have rejuvenating treatment without stickiness!

We must use this cream with or without makeup as your bare face without any makeup will glow vigorously after the application of this cream, while it changes foundation’s matt texture to watery glowing texture when it is applied before makeup!

The last product that I will introduce today is Cellcera Lip balm, which is a brand new product from WONJIN Cellcera line, which you may have heard of already if you are interested in anti-aging cosmetic products!

Aren’t they cute?

Even they look cute just like toys, these lip balms help on damaged corneum to become moisturized, nourished, shiny and glossy because of their cera complex!

The scent of baby pink colored bottle is cannabis flower, yellow green colored bottle is mint and herb, and pale blue colored bottle is scent-free, which you can share with your friends after buying one set of them depending on your tastes!

Don’t just leave your dry skin during winter, and make it healthy from the deep inside layer with WONJIN’s new products!

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