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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Best Semi-permanent makeup clinic (Semi-permanent makeup before and after)

What is Semi-permanent makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup is a procedure that allows slight makeup to stay on your face even when you are not wearing any makeup.

This procedure could also be used for clinical purpose to correct on asymmetric eyebrows or to make one’s scar less visible.

Advantages of semi-permanent makeup

Unlike tattoo that stays forever, semi-permanent makeup disappears naturally as time goes by.

Also there is almost no allergic response as the pigment containing natural mineral compound only penetrates between outer skin and granulosa. There is no discoloration of pigment and the great advantage of this procedure is that you can change the style of your semi-permanent makeup according to the trend as the pigment goes away naturally.

You can also have touchup session to the semi-permanent makeup that you already have.

What is the difference between tattoo and semi-permanent makeup?
-The riskiness of tattoo

The main ingredient of tattoo pigment contains various heavy metal contents (mercury, nickel, carbon etc.) which don’t get secreted from our body. These foreign components are stored in our body which disturbs our body’s functional circulation which could even lead to cancer. It is hard to remove tattoo if the pigment was injected on the deeper layer of our skin. The usage of needle severely damages our skin and the chance of getting infection or inflammatory increases as well.

Why would you get your semi-permanent makeup at WONJIN plastic surgery clinic?

- The method of procedure is decided based on the diagnosis of experienced specialist.
- Comfortable procedure without pain, bleeding and irritation.
- Experienced designer will provide trendy design according to the customer’s overall impression, bone structure and preferred makeup style. Modification of design can take place even after the procedure.
- Minimized the chance of getting inflammatory by using high quality equipment, disposable needle, disposable gloves and thorough sterilization.
- Only approved natural pigments are used. (Approved from German’s TUV and EU)
- Owns various range of natural pigments to create the most suitable color for patients.
- It is possible to have skin treatment or petite surgeries at the same time.
- It is possible to correct on the asymmetry that was occurred from the previous clinic.
- It is possible to remove scars.

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