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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Is it true that you can gain weight from eating fruits?

We consume a lot of fruits for our health and skin!

They attract us with their sweetness and various scents.

There are many people who don’t eat fruits as they’ve heard that fruits can make them gain weight.

So today, we will find out if fruits actually make us gain weight or not.

01 Do fruits make us fat?


It’s not true that all types of fruits make us gain weight.

The important factor is the GI (globin insulin) figure of fruits.

Fruits with low GI figure are actually helpful on diet while providing vitamins that our body needs.

Fruits with high GI figure contain much fructose which could change into fats easily.

Fruits with high GI figure include watermelon, oriental melon, tangerine, grapes, melon, etc.

On the other hand, fruits with low GI figure include grapefruit, kiwi, green apple, tomato etc.

02 Then will fruits with high GI figure make me fat unconditionally?

The answer is No!

Even when you are consuming fruits with high GI figure, you can prevent weight gain by changing the way that you consume them.

The GI figure increases when you use blender to consume fruits, thus it is ideal for you to eat fruits without processing them.

Also, it is more effective for you to consume fruits in the morning as the activation of vitamin inside the fruits takes about 3~4 hours after consumption.

It is ideal for you to consume fruits before or during the meal, rather than having them as dessert as this can prevent overeating. This is important as the speed of sugar absorption gets faster if you eat fruits after your meal.

You could also access dried fruits such as dried mango in markets easily.

Make sure to drink adequate amount of water while you are consuming dried fruits!
Also, please be aware that you are not consuming too much sugar as dried fruits are usually processed with surgery while they are getting dried.

Thus please read through the nutrition label thoroughly!

Fruits are often misunderstood as a reason for people to gain weight!

However you don’t have to worry about this anymore as fruits are way healthier than artificially made sugar, cookies or breads!

Also fructose doesn’t get stored in our body as fat!

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