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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Diet Food!!

Diet Food!

I'm guessing there must be a lot of people who are setting new year's weight-loss resolution.
I'm one of them who decided to embark on a healthy eating plan to lose my weight. Well, from my experience....
Exercise is important, but combining it with diet meal plan should be conducted otherwise it will not help you lose weight.
Skipping meals to lose weight will lead to Yoyo diet and can damage your health so it would be better to have nutritious low-calorie foods to fill you up.
So, I've listed some diet foods to fuel weight loss.

Diet Food 01 - Pumpkin Salad

Pumpkin that is sweet, tasty and even low-calorie! Pumpkin is an ideal food for your weight loss diet. Steamed pumpkin that is mixed with nuts and yogurt is the perfect nutritious meal!
You'll love sweet and aromatic taste of it.

Diet Food 02 - Rice paper rolls

Rice paper rolls is an another great diet menu. You just roll up vegetables in your fridge and that's it!
Also you can enjoy it with fish sauce or Sriracha sauce instead of peanut sauce.

Diet Food 03 - Chicken breast seaweed soup

Seaweed soup with chicken breast has light flavor which is good.
Seaweed is an ingredient full of dietary fiber that helps heal constipation by intestinal activity.

Diet Food 04 - Sweet potato latte

In freezing winter, sweet potato latte will warm up your morning.
When sweetness and warmth of it pops into your mouth then you will get cozy and it will fill you up. Add some cinnamon on top if you want and enjoy your sweet potato latte.

Diet Food 05 - Tofu Salad

Tofu salad that is served with fresh oriental sauce is filling enough to be the main meal.
This can boost your healthy weight loss as it is nutritious balanced menu.

Diet Food 06 - Avocado Bibimbap

This menu has been recently introduced in one of the Korean popular tv show, "Three Meals a Day".
Avocado is quite high in fat yet most of it is unsaturated which aids in weight loss.
It is one dish meal brining happiness to your mouth that tastes like raw fish rice bowl!

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