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Friday, July 4, 2014

Capsular Contraction Worries for Breast Surgery

Is there a high risk of capsular contraction after breast surgery?!

Q: I have very small breasts, and I really want to get breasts surgery done but I'm so worried about capsular contraction. Will it happen to everyone that get breast augmentation? Or does it apply to only a certain group of people? Who gets it? Please tell me everything! 

A: We do have a lot patients that ask this before surgery. When a foreign substance is inserted into our bodies, the body creates fiber cells so that collagen is produced to increase our immunity. These collagen fibers move around the implants and create a sort of layer.

This is a natural phenomenon but if there is an infection or bleeding or other sources, the above mentioned layer may become too thick in which the implants become hard. This is called "capsular contraction" and is caused by bleeding, lumps, deformed tissue, reaction to silicone, bacteria infection, decrease immunity, bad care after the operation, and other reasons. 

Usually, capsular contraction happens 4-8 months after the surgery and within 6 months, there is a 60% chance, and from months 6-12, there is only a 30% chance. Only rarely does capsular contraction happen 3-4 years later so it is very important to take care of your body right after the surgery. 

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