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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Eyes and Nose Surgery After 1 Month

Real Story: Eyes & Nose & Fat Graft

So it's been about 1 month since I had my surgery.
The swelling is all gone and I was actually worried that the fat grafted area might become thin again but it's at that perfect stage hehe. 
I think I took a hundred pictures of myself :D.
Before, I was depressed because my face look squished but the doctor told me my face would have more volume if I got fat grafting along with my nose surgery. So I did it and now I'm glad I did!

I regret not getting my nose done any sooner haha 
My eyes were a bit unnatural for about 2 weeks but I have absolutely no regrets for my eyes because now they are natural and people compliment me on how prettier I became. My friends asked me where I got the surgery so I told them I got it at Wonjin... maybe I should bring them to the hospital too. 

Now, even without make-up, people tell me I look beautiful. Some don't even recognize me! I might not have gotten these results if I did the surgery at another hospital. Whew~ what a relief. If there's anyone out there that is debating whether to get surgery, I recommend you to come to the hospital and get a consultation. It's better to get it done and over with! 

Last but not least, thank you so much Dr. Wonjin Park! You are the best and I really appreciate the consultant that helped me and the nurses. 

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