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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer

Question: My mother had breast cancer 5 years ago so she had to receive breast removal surgery. Now her cancer is all gone and she is healthy. She is in her late 40s and I wanted to know if a surgery was possible.

Answer: If the cancer had not come back within 1 year, then getting a surgery is not a problem.

Time for Receiving Breast Reconstruction: 

1. Immediate Surgery

This surgery can be done in the beginning stages of breast cancer. As the breast is removed, the reconstruction surgery is done simultaneously. This helps patients to not deal with the stress and depression of having removed breasts.

2. Delayed Surgery

This surgery can be done after 1 year after finding out about the cancer. By waiting to see if the cancer will come back, the surgery is possible when there are no possibilities of recurrence. If you are receiving radiation treatment, then it is possible to get the surgery done after the treatments are all done and you are recovered. 

Surgery Method 

For reconstruction surgery, breast implants used for regular breast augmentation is used. The implants are inserted from under the muscle tissue, not affecting the breast examination. Or the tissue is expanded and then the implants are inserted. The implants used are "cohesive gel" implants. 

Method 1

Method 2

There are various types of surgeries so you must visit a hospital and consult with the doctor first. 

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