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Monday, August 4, 2014

Forehead Cosmetic Surgery

Forehead Cosmetic Surgery for Flat Foreheads 

Question: My forehead is really flat so when I take pictures, it looks like my eyebrows are sticking out. I hate the way I look from the side and so I'm considering getting fat grafting or forehead implants. Which is recommended? 

Answer: Forehead surgery allows the forehead to become round and have more volume. It also makes the face look smaller and smoother. 

Advantages of the Surgery: 
i) A customized implant just for you
ii) The treatment is less than 1 hour so the swelling is minimal and recovery is quick
iii) The implants are FDA approved so no need to worry about safety! 
iv) Almost no scarring

Forehead plasty, or forehead cosmetic surgery, uses implants that are customized for each individual and inserted into the forehead for a smooth and voluminous forehead. It is recommended for those who have sunken or flat forehead. The implants are customized 1-2 weeks before the actual surgery and it is placed on the forehead to predict the shape and size. 

The area behind the hairline is incised 2-3 cm and the implant is inserted. The scarring is minimal and the patient can enjoy a permanent effect. 

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