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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Two Jaw Surgery

Real Diary: Two Jaw Surgery for Men 

I've always had a severe case of protruding jaw. It was hard for me to chew food properly and the food wouldn't be digested enough, so I'd often experience indigestion and constipation... My greatest problem was meeting other people so I just decided to receive surgery. 

I really wanted to get the surgery done, but I was half concerned and half excited to live a new life hehe. The hard part was choosing the best hospital because it was my first time getting plastic surgery and two jaw surgery is a pretty serious operation. My female friends recommended me to go to Wonjin Beauty Medical Group so I listened to them. 

When I visited the hospital, it was really really big (like a general hospital). After the consultation, I met with the head doctor, dental doctor, and oral surgery doctor which really earned my trust. It seemed very systematic and I decided to put my faith in them. 

After the surgery, my face was so swollen that it was kinda funny. I wondered if my swelling would all go away, but as time went by, I could see the outline of my new face. It became easier to breathe, which was the hardest part, not the pain... 

Now that 3 months have passed by, I am satisfied with my appearance very much. I feel much more confident than before and I truly feel that I am happy with my life now. Thank you

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