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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

[Real Story In Wonjin] Pimtara (Korean Plastic Surgery)

Hello Today I'm going to talk to you about "Pimtara"
who had eye, nose, face contouring surgery (Korean Plastic Surgery) at Wonjin,
and has the magnificent outcome.
Also We were very glad that she had chosen us to have the plastic Surgery in Korea.
▲ Before she had the surgery
▲ After 2 weeks after surgery
It has only been 2 weeks after surgery and she already turned to a beautiful girl.
▲ 1 Month after surgery
Swelling has subsided, and the combination of the eyes, nose,
face line looks very natural for her.
▲ After 3 Months after surgery
Amazing!!!!  Her face line looks more and more slimmer than before,
I think her swelling has gone down pretty well ^_^ She looks Beautiful!
I guess everybody has some weaknesses, and problems with something in their life, but the appearance is very important in this world now a days, however many people from foreign countries are visiting Wonjin to have plasctic surgery to change their life. If anybody is feeling not confident about themselves or don't like the way you look, feel free to ask us anything, we are always there to help you to have a nice appearance! Our aim is to make you being Satisfied and Happy. Korean Plastic surgery is the best♥
Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon~^^

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Phone: +82.70.4700.7282

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