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Friday, November 28, 2014

Real story in Wonjin?,Two Jaw surgery in Korea?,Nose surgery in Korea?,Wonjin Beauty Medical Group ♥

Real story in Wonjin?,
Two Jaw surgery in Korea?,
Nose surgery in Korea?,
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group ♥

This Paitient had Two Jaw surgery & Nose surgery in Wonjin
Before the Nose surgery ▲
Real Diary:
I got my nose done followed by Two Jaw surgery. I was really stressed out with my curved nose which caused functional problems as well, so I decided to get the nose correction.
1 Month after the surgery ▲
Real Diary:
I have removed the splint T – T yay me~! aren’t I just amazing? I was able to get back to my workplace within 2 weeks. Everyone said that my nose look so natural and well done. I was cute looking before the surgery, but now I look more mature. My friends keep saying that I look luxury and prettier. I really love it~ I have removed a little plastic thing which was holding up inside of my nose, it feels more better on breathing. I’m so happy with my nose being straight.
2 Months after the surgery ▲
Real Diary:
My nose is getting more natural. I can touch it and it’s not painful anymore It’s been a month already. What a surprise! I can totally understand and feel that why people get plastic surgery for nose. Every time I looking at the mirror, I cannot believe how my nose look so different compared to before.
3 Months after the surgery ▲
Real Diary:
T but its height seems slightly lower. People won’t notice that I got my nose done because it looks so natural. I should had it done more higher LOL I’m on a diet to get a better shape of body as well. I want to be prettier and prettier. I will be back with more reviews later ♡

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