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Monday, December 29, 2014

Rhinoplasty in Korea?, Best plastic surgery in Korea?,Real Story in Wonjin?, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group ♥

Rhinoplasty in Korea?,
Best plastic surgery in Korea?,
Real Story in Wonjin?,
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group ♥ 

This patient had "Rhinoplasty" in
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group ^^
▲ Before the surgery
Real Diary:I did rhinoplasty a year ago. But I wasn’t satisfied with my nose because it looked blunt with wide nose bridge. So I decided to have nose revision. I told the surgeon during consultation that I wanted to have sharp nose to have keen impression. And the surgery will be to narrow the implant to slim the nose. I had a belief and was so excited for the surgery !! Why is it so nervous even this is not my first time? What if something goes wrong? What if it’ll look weird after surgery? I was scared, and concern about it for many times and changed my mind to think positively.

▲ 2 Weeks after the surgery
Real Diary: I did the make-ups and wash my face. My friends tell me that I look much more prettier than before. I never get tired of hearing good things ^^ My face is voluminous and solid because the nose tip and bridge got slimmer.

▲ 1 Month After the surgery
Real Diary: I love my side face~ as my nose is perfect now, I want to do the fat injection ~ plastic surgery will never end for women~ ^^
▲ 3 Months after the surgery
Real Diary: It’s been 3 months after my nose revision. I knew about the swelling because the surgery is my second time. But I was still impatient and looked at the mirror everyday. Now I take camera with me everywhere I go~~ I’m so grateful that the surgery was a success, and truly recommend to people who are thinking of Rhinoplasty!!! Bye now~ ^^*

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