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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Best Plastic surgery in Korea?, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group♥

 Best Plastic surgery in Korea?,
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group♥ 

The reason why foreigners come to Korea to have the surgery is because we have
lot of experience in plastic surgery field.


Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is the biggest hospital out of Asia, and of course out of Korea, therefore we have lot of  experience with foreign patients from over seas. Thoese experiences reflect for foreign patients to visit our hospital ^^ 
We got the Most natural ratio for people, position, size etc through many years of experiences.

From our point of view, Plastic surgery is different from what we learn in books.

Why is experiences in Plastic surgery so important?
One of the reason why foreign patients come visit us for the surgery is because our outcome of the surgery is very natural.
10~ 20 years ago, the aim in having plastic surgery is to have visible result and long lasting result.
but the trend of Plastic surgery in the 21 century is Natural.
Plastic surgery actually gets influence by the culture changes each year goes by.
I think this is the reason why a person who had a plastic surgery 10 years after they had the plastic surgery. There can be also a possibility of awkwardness after aging.
However, in Korea we prefer plastic surgeries that last 5 ~10 years, and we have lot of surgical methods and natural surgical method by clinical experiences.
The aesthetic ratio of person’s face is been same for long period of time. The standard of beauty is a statue that was built very long time ago “Venus”, which is common worldwide.
The thing that most patients worry would be the culture difference that would reflect on the surgery result.  Based on 20 years of experiences we have in Wonjin Beauty Medical group, it is trustworthy to have plastic surgeries in Korea.
Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon~^^
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