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Friday, January 16, 2015

[WONJIN BEAUTY MEDICAL GROUP]Eye plastic surgery price?Wonjin beauty medical group informs you about eye plastic surgery

Eye plastic surgery price?Wonjin beauty medical group informs you about eye plastic surgery

Were you looking for eye plastic surgery price?

Even though eye plastic surgery price is low, eye plastic surgery is the most important  surgery out of all face plastic surgeries.

According to Korean old saying, eyes are the windows of a heart.
So it means that people believe eyes represent  the person oneself.

From a long time ago, people have desired for very clear and bright eyes.

This is after photo of eye surgery. Are her eyes big, aren't they? And they look clear.
If you get a good impression from this photo, it is because of the eyes mostly.

This is a photo before the eye surgery, her eyelids are too thick, which do not look good on her big eyes.

Through eyelid surgery, the thickness of eyelids are reduced and the eyelid lines are clear.

Eyelid surgery price is not expensive and the duration of the surgery is short too~
And it does not take a long time to get recovered compared to other types of surgeries.

This a photo 14 days after the surgery.
As you see in the photo, she does not seem too obvious that she had plastic surgeries. She looks natural.
Therefore, you need to consider a right hospital more than the price to get a surgery because eyes are very important for first impression.

The illustration above shows the order of epicanthoplasty.

The illustration below shows the order of eyelid surgery. 

So now, please check out all the before and after photos of eye surgeries and see how important the eyes  are on the face.

 Sleepy eyes to classy eyes

Sharp eyes to cute eyes

Sleepy and countrified eyes to cute and pretty eyes

Countrified and sleepy eyes to big, classy, and beautiful eyes^^ Personally, I like her eyes.

Prominent eyes to natural and classy eyes!

In this way, eyelid/eye surgery places a great importance on face plastic surgery despite its price.

We hope this helps for the people who are considering eyelid plastic surgery~ 
Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon~^^
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