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Friday, February 6, 2015

Review of Two Jaw plastic surgery, Look at the face! Lol

Review of Two Jaw plastic surgery, oh my god! Look at her face
Look at her face ~
She needed to ignore so many people passing by saying offensive words about her appearance. She could not take care of her malocclusion and dull skin due to her family problems.
 Having Two Jaw surgery was just like a dream story for her.
The dreaming miracle of the Two Jaw surgery is to escape from the ordinary life!
 She has been through such a hard time because her mental has gone weaker.
She had some family problems, therefore she also had to take care of her younger sisters as well !
However, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group and MBC queen decided to help her out!
Miracle Challenge Gwi Won Park
Shall we check out how much she has changed?
  Her mental was very weak, that we even requested her to have some medical treatment for her, but she has improved a lot, and she is normal now.
–Psychiatric Young Il Chun-

Gwi Won was too busy for living so she could not even think about having skin care treatment.
Therefore, in addition to Two jaw surgery, she provided total skin care treatment for her, so she could get back her fresh and clear skin.^^
During the consultation, she could not even look at the surgeons or consultant, which means that she is so hurt deep inside because of her appearance. 
All of our staff wanted her to get better not only her looking but also her feeling.


For the last, let's see what procedures done for her besides Two jaw surgery.

Non incision double eyelid
Square jaw reduction
Front chin surgery
Cheekbone(Zygoma) reduction
Fat graft for full face

We would like to praise her for her patience which made her go through all these procedures!

We hope that she can be happy from now on and wish her a good luck!!
Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon~^^
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