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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group's mobile site with support of maximum of 9 languages

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group launched Mobile websites in foreign languages.
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group official website for foreigners is well design to find out the information regarding plastic surgery easily.

The website's UI is customized for users.
Including the website in English, all the other languages's websites are also designed the same.

It is very easy to use because all the sections are categorized by color.
Each foreign language website uses its own terminology that is properly used in each country so this will help foreign patients to understand better.

Because native speakers for each language manage online consultation,
it will be very easy for your to have consultation at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group.
According to 2014 statistical data, A number of foreign visitors who visited Korea for plastic surgery was about 15,000 people. 
Among those, more than 10,000 people visited Gangnam. Therefore, this proves that Korea is well known for plastic surgery internationally.
Generally, mobile website of other plastic surgery clinics are too complicated,
but Wonjin Beauty Medical Group mobile website provides a simple UI set up for foreigners to use easily.
We tried our hardest to design the homepage so it fits to foreign patient’s point of view.
We put quick menu buttons for “major menus” and “all menus’ button so it is easier for people to approach.
And it is very convenient, due to the fact that the user can check the processing result after logging in.
Also! It is surprising to hear that they are processing to add Europe and for Southeast Asia as well.
Inside contents, it has detailed explanation of the contents in each different language; therefore we can give more qualified medical service, accurate consultation and making an appointment etc. through this site.
Previously we had to click several times to reach to real diaries of real patients, but now we only need to click once to see all the real diaries. Therefore it is very convenient.
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is the largest hospital in Gangnam, Korea.
Not just the size of the hospital is large, but the service is also very high in quality.
I think many users will like the mobile page with lots of different languages in it ^^!

Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon~^^
Website :
E-mail :
Phone: +82.70.4700.7281 
Mobile: +82 10 4918 3309 
Wechat ID: wonjinjenny

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