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Tuesday, May 12, 2015





A birth of Pure dermatologic cosmeceutical brand, Dr.Jin !
Wonjin's bio health care have created  cosmeceutical brand of Dr.Jin based only science, skills and exprience with know-how to improve the modern people's skin trouble by vitalizing and elastic skin.
The First step of Dr.Jin is Total Peeling line  which will improve damaged skin from stress, pollution, and dried enviorment by recovering turn-over period to bring back the brightening skin.
Who are the Wonjin's biohealthcare specialists?
They are over 40 experts from dermatology, plasty,family-health, stemcell research, and anti-aging research with dermatologic background with skills to make your dreams come true for beautiful skin.

Recover the turnover and find brightness of the skin.

Dr.Jin's Brightening Peel:
Peeling gel with AHA ingredient smoothly removes the dead skincells and waste to make improvement by making dark and harch skin to bright and smooth skin.
Dr.Jin's Refining Actvator:
Daily toner with BHA ingredient organizes the skin by removeing the sebum inside the pores and waste. It also prevents pimples and skin troubles.

Dr.Jin's Hydrating Serum:
High content hyaluronic acid moisture serum will provide moisture right away and make elstic skin.
Dr.Jin's Revital Serum:
High-enriched hydration ingredient limits water evaporation and strengthen skin walls with ceramide ingredient.

Daily defence Sun Lotion SPF+50 PA+++:
Sun lotion for whitening, wrinkle improvement and sunprotection for next step make-up
Daily Defence BB SPF+30PA++:
3 level with elastic smothing powdercovers micro wrinkles and blemish to accompliash brightening skin.
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Phone: +82.70.4700.7281 
Mobile: +82 10 4918 3309 

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