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Friday, May 22, 2015

Dr.Jin's: Total Peeling Program-Brightening Peel

Total Peeling Program-Brightening Peel

Dr JIN was created to resolve all issues related to skin trouble for modern people of today.

Ever since Dr JIN’s established year of 1999, every single patient’s medical examination data has been used to create a true formula focusing on health and beauty for people all over the world.  

Dr JIN will support all the way for a bright and healthy skin. Skin Truth _ Dr. JIN

There are many skin-care specialists at Dr JIN.

A group of specialists such as skin specialists, plastic surgery specialists,

and stem cell researchers are continuously making efforts to resolve skin

trouble through the best and effective methods that science provides.

Natural ingredients may not always be better.

Poisonous mushroom and herbs are as such.

Dr JIN will make its best efforts to scientifically combine natural ingredients

and nutritional ingredients acquired by modern technology that improves

skin’s health and appearance. 

Dr JIN is created through strict supervision of dermatologists.

Dr JIN’s skin-care specialists are ceaselessly making efforts everyday to create safe and effective skin-care products.


Professional Skin Scaling at Home!

Smooth and Shining Skin Everyday

Total Peeling Program

A home peeling program developed by skin specialists with their experienced know-hows.  The peeling program helps create clean and young skin by smoothly eliminating dead skin cells without irritation. 
Specialized Home Peeling System
A newly adopted home peeling program with 4 stages:

Smooth Peeling without Irritation
Smooth peeling verified by skin specialists

Smooth and Shining Beautiful Skin Tone
Peeling will display clear and beautiful skin
by getting rid of dead and old skin cells


Brightening Peel

Peeling gel to create newly born smooth skin
ØConvenient Peeling Gel for Home Use
   - An excellent keratin smoothing effect through an ideal combination of AHA
   - Minimize irritation after peeling through complete abirritation system
Ø For those who desire shiny skin even after complete makeup!


After facial cleansing, pump and apply an adequate amount to dry face avoiding the eye and mouth areas.  Rinse with lukewarm water after 5 minutes. 
※Apply once or twice a week but should adjust depending on skin condition. (dry sensitive-once a week, mild oily-twice a week)
※Please rinse with water only.(No foam use)
※Please apply at night.



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