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Friday, August 7, 2015

Let's take a look at Rhinoplasty types by Wonjin

Let's take a look at Rhinoplasty types by  Wonjin
Types of Rhinoplasty
Nose is very important in making image of the person for both functional and aesthetic reasons.
 It balances the whole face and makes much difference when the shape is changed. Many Asians aim for refined nose because their nose shape is widen and flat compare to westerners’.

As all human body and conditions are different, it is good to choose the suitable surgical method for individuals. There are many types of surgical methods for flat nose, blunt nose, hump nose and more.

For flat nose, suitable implant for each type of patient and cartilage will be chosen and inserted inside the nose. Then corrections will be made for nose tip with own tissue or cartilage.

In case of hump nose, the surgical method varies depending on the degree of the hump on nose. If it’s not severe, shaving with equipment can be the way, if not, the osteotomy of hump should be done and make nose tip higher by gathering the cartilage on tip. We may also use own septum cartilage or ear cartilage to support and to avoid sagging nose.


“It is very important to accurately diagnose and progress the surgery for individuals. Beautiful nose shape isn’t decided by its height, but face shown from the side with natural curve line from forehead to nose, lips, and chin.  After getting enough consultation, the patient has to acknowledge the balance of him/her face shape, eyes, and nose and decide the best surgical method” said Wonjin Beauty Medical Group.


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