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Friday, August 21, 2015

Wonjin Plastic Surgery: The secret of the golden ratio in eye surgery

Wonjin Plastic Surgery:
The secret of the golden ratio in eye surgery

The eyes are a big part of the first impression in a person’s face, so just a little enhancement on the eyes can bring a great significant impact on the first impression. In addition, many women prefer the eye surgery because the recovery time is shorter and the price is less expansive compare to other surgeries.  Therefore, the eye surgery is very commonly done but at the same time, there are frequent unsatisfied results which leads to revision surgery.
Usually when speaking of the golden ratio, it would be a ratio that is beautiful, ideal, says and stable. Thre golden ratio also can be found in beautiful eyes.
1: 1: 1 ratio is the length of the diameter across the eye, the length of between the eyes and other the length of the eye diameter diameter across the eye. When one’s ration is close to 1: 1: 1,  it is considered as the golden ratio of the eyes.
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Wonjin said "Eyes are one of the biggest factor that determines the impression of the entire face. The main factor of the eye surgery is to consider the overall balance and harmony of individual’s face.  If not, unsatisfactory result will occur when only focused on to achieve the golden ratio. "


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