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Friday, October 30, 2015

Check Your Inner and Outer Beauty and Healthy!

Check Your Inner and Outer Beauty and Healthy!
How much toxins are in our body?
When fatigue and toxins accumulates, it damages women’s body and mind.
Let’s check how much toxins are in our body!

01. Eyes are always tired and red.
02. Ear infection and symptom of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) occurs.
03. Becomes happy and suddenly gets depressed because of emotional ups and downs.
04. Feels tired even after resting for a long time.
05. Catch a bad cold once or twice every year.
06. Nose feels itchy and sneezes continuously.
07. Has bad breath even after brushing teeth.
08. Suffers from insomnia every night.
09. Small amount of urine with strong, bad smell.
10. Face, hands, and feet get swollen every morning and night.
11. Head feels heavy with persistent headache.
12. Have severe dark circles under the eyes.
13. Burps and farts a lot with continuous indigestion.  
14. Suffers from allergic diseases.
15. Always have spots, acne and skin trouble.
16. Shortness of breath when moving around.
17. Overeating continuously.
18. Underweight or overweigh than the average.
19. Loss of sexual desire.
20. Gets infection in mouth often. 
# 16 or more
The body must be in a condition of a lot of toxin accumulation due to overeating, alcohol, smoking, and other lifestyle habits that are bad for the body. An immediate change is crucial, by drinking water, detoxifying juice, and exercising continuously for healthy body and lifestyle.   
# 11 ~ 15
In this case, the body may be at a vulnerable stage to the toxins that accumulated over the time. If you often feel exhausted or gets sick, it requires checkup on lifestyle and everyday habits because the toxin can be the cause.
# 5 ~ 10
Is interested and care about health and wellbeing but still practicing bad lifestyle habits.  In order to prevent the toxin accumulation, make sure to avoid fast food rather than taking supplements.
# 5 or less
You are very into healthy diet, habit and never eat or do anything that’s unhealthy.  Only small amount of toxins accumulated due to environmental pollution.
Source: Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Cellcera Facebook


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