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Thursday, October 29, 2015

HEALTH PROTECTION: What can be a help from fine dust?

What can be a help from fine dust?


As environment is polluted, figure of fine dust increases. Fine dust causes lung diseases, malfunction of immunity, flu, asthma, bronchitis, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular risk, dry eyes, and skin ailment.

Let’s keep our health and skin from fine dust by drinking a lot of water and having good foods!


1.     Quince


Quince is good for lung which prevents health from bronchitis. It is full of vitamin C, and malic acid which increases immunity, and calcium and potassium helps bones to become stronger.


2.     Garlic

Sulfur ingredient in the garlic helps eliminate toxin stacked in the body. Allicin, and selenium helps purify the liver.

3.     Seaweed

Ascidians like dried seaweed, seaweed, and kelp help eliminate toxin inside the body and prevent absorption of harmful metals. 

4.     Mackerel

One of lung disease, difficulty in breathing can be improved by easing airway inflammation with Omega3 fatty acid. The food that contains Omega 3 is mackerel, salmon, mackerel pike, and hairtail in fish, and curled mallow, and perilla leaf in vegetables.

5.     Green Tea
Green tea contains tannin ingredient also have effect of eliminating toxin and metals inside the body. It helps circulation of body and restricts carcinogen.


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