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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Red and Blotchy Skin Problem: Solved by Cellcera Return Cream

Red and Blotchy Skin Problem:
Solved by Cellcera Return Cream
Today, we would like to introduce Hyemin, who have undergone laser treatments due to skin trouble but have failed result.  However, Cellcera have changed her skin and here is her testimonial interview.

Defeated acne skin and got back my clear skin!
Hyemin Yoon
(24 years old/ Acne improvement and pore tightening effect)
Q. What kind of skin trouble did you experience?.
A. I had very blotchy and uneven skin tone because of acne all over my face.  I wasn’t able to cover with make up so I tried laser treatment from the skin clinic as my last choice.
Q. Cellcera Return Cream! What was your first impression?
A. Actually, my skin appeared more red and irritated even after the laser treatment.  I was very disappointed with the result but then I find out about Cellcera Return Cream. Now, where is all the redness on my skin?
Q. How does it feel after using Cellcera cream?
A. It’s very moisturizing and absorbs really fast.  I can definitely see that the redness is gradually disappearing day by day.  I just feel really regretful that I just found out about Cellcera.  For now, I’m very satisfied with the result.  
Q. Please give your advices to those are considering to purchase Cellcera cream.
A.  For those of you has skin problems like redness and couldn’t cover up with make-up; the problem is the inner skin.  The cream can treat from the inside of skin, so I strongly recommend since I’m no longer concerned about the redness on my skin!

Source: Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Facebook


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