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Monday, December 7, 2015

Great Benefits of Honey during Cold Winter

Great Benefits of Honey during Cold Winter
Wonjin’s Beauty Tip to Make You More Beautiful!
How about a cup of warm honey tea when the weather is getting cold lately? It boosts up our immune system that can get weak because of the low temperature.  Let’s find out about the great effects of honey!
01 Relieve abdominal bloating

While honey neutralizes the bubbling gas from the stomach, it will make the whole body feeling lighter.
02 Strengthen Immunity
Honey contains abundant vitamins, minerals, and various enzymes. The study even proved the antibiotic effects of honey, the bacteria dies immediately when in direct contact with honey. This is called, osmotic pressure, which the high sugar content of honey extracts the moisture from the bacteria and makes it die.
03 Body Detox
Just by adding some lemon juice into honey water can enhance the detoxification. Lemon also has a diuretic effect because it stimulates the release cycle of the waste accumulated in the body.
04 Clear Skin
It’s because of the antibiotic effect of honey. Addition to drinking honey water, may also see a face brightening effect when done as honey face mask.
05 Weight Loss
Of course, honey contains high sugar but different from artificially manufactured sugar. Natural honey is consisting of monosaccharide fructose and glucose. This has the effect to lose your appetite. Try little bit of honey when you are craving for something sweet. .
06 Cholesterol Reduction
07 Heart Disease Prevention
Antioxidant activity of honey is also protects the heart. This reduces blood cholesterol and decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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