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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Neck Wrinkle Treatment: Tips for a younger-looking neck!

Neck Wrinkle Treatment:
Tips for a younger-looking neck!
It’s not just about younger-looking face that makes the youthful face.  Let’s take a look at how to manage the aging on the neck; the neck wrinkles!
Neck wrinkle is easy to forget and neglect so when neck wrinkles are not cared properly, it gets even difficult to manage afterward. The skin on neck is thin and there is less sebaceous glands, which promotes faster aging progress.
01.   When applying moisturizer or other cosmetic, use your thumb and index finger and pinch lightly, as we as the trapezius muscles.
02.   Fold your hands behind your neck and rest your head towards the back as you press the muscle with the middle finger.
03.   Move your finger from the neck to the shoulder to each direction to loosen the muscle.
04.   Finally, apply the product on the neck and pull the skin tightly from downward to upward, with the palm of the hand.
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