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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Post care for plastic surgery

Post care for plastic surgery
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1.     Face wash


Face wash is possible after stitch removal. When water goes in before the stitch is removed, the infection may occur, so to avoid infection, bath, or sauna is prohibited before stitch removal. And suggested a month after stitch is removed and fully healed.
2.     Recovery management
Post care management for plastic surgery is very important. In case of plastic surgery on ace area, to have minor swelling, have 2-3 pillows under to have the face on top of heart with correct posture. Please do not remove the bandage or gauze without any direction from nurse or doctor. It is to prevent bleeding trespassing, so infection may occur if we careless on this simple things.
3.     Managing pain
There might be a minor pain left after surgery which can be relieved with pain killer. In case the pain continues, contact the clinic immediately and get treatment.
4.     Taking medicine
Likewise before surgery, medicine or hormone pills which disturb bleeding should not be taken after surgery. If you have the medicine which must be taken, please discuss with the surgeon.  
5.     Other precautions
For each type of plastic surgery, recovery period and post care is different, so you must follow depending on what the clinic has directed after the surgery as post care. The recovery period varies depending on individuals from 3 months to 6 months. After then, the consultation regarding follow up for the surgery is possible.


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