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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Protect your liver from the end of the year parties!

Protect your liver from the end of the year parties!

 Beauty tip to be more beautiful from WONJIN !
1.     Minimize the alcohol absorption on body 
Have simple meal before drinking alcohol to fill the stomach which will lessen the absorption of alcohol to prevent getting drunk. By delaying alcohol absorption, the amount of alcohol which reaches to nerve cells can also be less.
2.     Drink only as much as you can handle
An average adult male who weighs about 60kg’s metabolic rate of alcohol per day is about 80g. This means either one bottle of Soju, 2,000cc of beer, one bottle of wine (about 750ml), or 200ml of hard liquor. Choose the alcohol rate depending on your weight so your liver can stand. And also do not drink alcohol more than twice a week.
3.     Do not share your glass with others
It is unhygienic and also not good for individual health to share the glass with others when drinking alcohol. There is high possibility of infection such as Hepatitis-A virus, flu virus, and other viral diseases, and helicobacter infection.  Also when share the glass around, you may overdrink more than you expected or planned, which can also strain the liver.
4.     Avoid smoking while drinking alcohol
Smoking while drinking expedites alcohol absorption and also doubles the nicotine absorption. Especially smoking increase the incidence of liver cancer which is not good for health. Smoking causes each part of body including cerebrovascular disease; arouse laryngeal cancer, lung cancer, and bladder cancer.
If you beware and precautious before drinking, it will help one’s body keep healthy  :D

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