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Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Effect of ‘Curcumin’: the main ingredient of Curry

The Effect of ‘Curcumin’:
the main ingredient of Curry
Healthy Food!
Let’s find out about effect of curry which is tasty and also good for health!
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1.     Helps treatment for cardiovascular disorder/ dementia/ metabolic disease/ depression/ fatigue feeling, and also have positive effect on preventing breast cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, etc.
The normal cells of curcumin have no poison at all which induce cancer cells to die by themselves.

2.     It eliminates the active oxygen occurred from stress, air pollution, or extreme exercise so that blocks nerve cells destruction by active oxygen for the prevention of dementia.
3.     The core ingredient for health in curry, curcumin has low absorption rate in body. For curcumin to be absorbed more than usual, milk product, such as milk, and yogurt which contains fat-forming element.
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