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Monday, February 15, 2016

Calf Reduction Surgery- Get slim calves with calf reduction surgery!

Calf Reduction Surgery- Get slim calves with calf reduction surgery!

The weather is finally getting warmer and now is the good time to shape up the body.  Many women would like to shape up their body, especially the calves.  Therefore, calf reduction surgery is becoming an issue, since calves cannot be shaped up just by dieting.
Calf reduction is a procedure that makes the calves sleek and slim.  This surgery is suitable for those who want to have slim calves, excessive muscle on calf, have asymmetry calf muscles, have fat and edema on calf, and for those who felt uncomfortable wearing shorts and skirts.
According to Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, you can achieve a shapely calf that is long, lean, and slim.  By using various machines and equipment and through precise procedure done, there is almost no damage on motor nerve, blood vessels, and muscles.  Also, since it’s non-incisional surgery, the greatest advantages are invisible scar and pain, which makes able to get to daily activities soon.
The calf muscle development is considered as 5 types: biceps inside (medial gastrocnemius), behind the biceps (lateral gastrocnemius), intramediolateral lines (soleus muscle), and intermuscular fat development.
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has mentioned, “We perform muscle reduction, non-incisional nerve blocking, calf liposuction, calf botox, and calf embedding therapy to treat all the areas on calves to slim it down.  Among these, non-incision nerve block procedure is getting the attention because of short duration, which is about 30 minutes and done by local anesthesia. Recovery time is about 1-2 weeks and may feel some tightness during the recovery.  It is important to wear the compressive garment for at least one month and avoid any extreme sports.”
It is advised to get the surgery done by a well experienced surgeon and it is recommended if you are stressed out because of the calf. Also, it is important to find the clinic with complete aftercare service and facility.

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