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Friday, February 19, 2016

Circle Lens Eye Surgery from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

Circle Lens Eye Surgery
Define and clear eyes like wearing circle lenses – Wonjin’s Keypoint Know-how
Benefit of Circle Lens Eye Surgery 01- It’s not a surgery just for an eyelid.
What we want is defined and bright looking eyes, not sausage eyelid. To avoid that, it is possible to increase the size of eyes vertically by correcting the eye opening muscle (fascia). Then the pupil will be more exposed and the eyes looking bigger, which giving the effect as wearing circle lens.
Benefit of Circle Lens Eye Surgery 02- Does not pinch the skin with thread.
Previous double eyelid surgery created the eyelid by pinching the skin with tread.  At Wonjin, we follow the principle of natural double eyelid, making the tissue between the skin and eye opening muscle to attach naturally.  All of the double eyelid surgery done in Wonjin is natural because the base is one the natural adhesion.
Benefit of Circle Lens Eye Surgery 03- No concern for probability of untied.

Double lock is a new method that have improved the disadvantages from previous surgical method of non-incision double eyelid; it creates multiple knots which tying the inside and out of the eyelid to improve the level of fixation.  The eyelid is more secured due to strength of thread and natural adhesion together.
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