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Monday, April 18, 2016


How to Stop Overeating
Wonjin’s Beauty Tip for your Health and Beauty!
In order to lose weight and stay health, exercise is important but most of all, eating habit is a very important factor.  Most of modern people are busy with no time to exercise but little change with eating habit can bring a big difference in dieting.
One of the ways is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and not eating too much.  However, if you are quick to feel hungry and lethargic, it’s difficult to keep dieting and easy to give up.  Also, if you eat less all of sudden, there is a big chance of overeating.  Let me introduce you to how to feel satiety and avoid overeating.
1.     Diet Maintaining Know-how: Use smaller plate
It looks like there’s more food than using a bigger plate so you get to eat less.
2.     Diet Maintaining Know-how: Place a mirror around the table
If you place a mirror around the table and watch yourself eating, you will not be overeating.
3.     Diet Maintaining Know-how: Eat slowly and chew your food
You will feel fuller if you eat and chew slowly, which will give you more satiety.
4.     Diet Maintaining Know-how: Drink water before meal
Drinking a cup of water before the meal will prevent you from overeating.
5.     Diet Maintaining Know-how: Focus on meal
Using your phone or watch T.V. will make you eat more so you must focus on your meal in order to stop overeating.
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