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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Face Contouring, Wondering about Cheekbone Reduction for Completion of Faceline?


Face Contouring, Wondering about Cheekbone Reduction for Completion of Faceline?
It is good to keep the 3-Dimentional faceline with cheekbone even after cheekbone reduction for baby face. Wide cheekbone protruded to side may make the face look bigger and older than age. The ideal line of the face means when viewed from the front, the ratio of width of the cheekbone, forehead, and ear elevation of the eyebrows are almost 1:1.
When width of the cheekbone is wider than forehead, slimmer and smoother face line can be made with cheekbone reduction by adjusting the cheekbone protrusion. Also by keeping the volume of front cheekbone when see it from the side make younger appearance and refined face line.

1.   Face contour, Cheekbone reduction – When can I go back to daily life?
The recovery time differs by patients’ condition, but usually the swelling increases for 2 days and slowly subsides after then. 7 days after the surgery, everyday activity is possible and for patients who works and requires much talking, recommended recovery time is about 2 weeks.

2.   Face contour, Cheekbone reduction – Will my nerves be damaged?
The shape of the cheekbone is like a doughnut, have hole in the middle. It is safe surgery because no nerve line nor blood vessels on the bone unlike square jaw. However, the surgeon has to have aesthetic beauty with experience in order to achieve the best result.

3.   Face contour, Cheekbone reduction – When does the bone stably settles?
After Wonjin’s cheekbone surgery the fixated bone settles on its place after 6 months. After osteotomy, the bone sticks back together even harder than before, so extreme sports like boxing can be played.
4.   Face contour, Cheekbone reduction – is there a possibility of skin sagging?
No need to worry for skin sagging with Wonjin’s 20 years of experience of facial contour specialized center.



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