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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Real Story of Two Jaw & Face Contouring Surgery from Wonjin!





My chin has been bothering me for 20 years!!!
I got my nose done followed by Two Jaw surgery. I was really stressed out with my curved nose which caused functional problems as well, so I decided to get the nose correction.
I want my nose be more natural
To be honest, I had consultations with several different plastic surgeons, but the most thing I liked about Wonjin was that Wonjin has a specialized ENT doctor. Here, I want my nose be more natural and well defined shape by using the implant and cartilage. I think my nose is high enough so I will keep that part as it is. Be ready to see my brand new nose~!
Day of Surgery

On the day of surgery I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep at all and went to the clinic I heard I should get much sleep so I could be in a good condition, but I was so anxious I couldn’t fall asleep As I was filling out the pre operative agreement form I realized something. Ah… I am finally going to get the two jaw surgery I always wanted… Now I am going into the operating room and changed into a gown, rinsed my mouth, and followed the nurse’s request and lay on the operating bed. The doctor asked me various things. Next, the anesthesiologist told me that they would begin anesthesia. After undergoing anesthesia my memory became fuzzy..!! Upon awaking, my surgery was finished and the nurse gave me a helping hand Da dan!! I still felt a little sleepy and wanted to sleep, but the nurse told me not to.. I focused my concentration and then I felt the effects of surgery. Difficulty breathing… phlegm… I really don’t know how time passed.

1 week

I have more severe bruising compared to other people. I still have a lot of bruises
ㅠㅠ I think my swelling is healing nicely For my diet, I am eating mostly soymilk, soups, and beef stock. I can’t brush my teeth yet and so I use mouthwash regularly… but not being able to brush is uncomfortable I lost 5 kilograms naturally because I couldn’t eat well. It makes me sad that I can’t eat, but it feels like I’m on a diet so I’m happy. I showed my friends my pictures and maybe it’s due to the swelling in my face, but they all say I look cute, Looking at my shorter chin and smaller face is so amazing and I feel an endorphin rush!! My friends tell me after my swelling subsides I will look like a goddess Hehe it makes me wonder how I will look after my swelling disappears~

2 weeks

It’s been one week. Much of my swelling and bruising has gotten better. On my first postoperative visit I received some skin care. I wasn’t able to properly wash my face and so it felt really refreshing! After getting skin care I learned mouth opening exercises, but since I’m still getting used to my new jaw placement it was a bit awkward I received a shot to reduce my swelling… I was also prescribed some medication to help reduce it faster! I’m going to diligently take my meds and hope my swelling and bruising improves! One concern I have is that before surgery were quite thin, but after surgery my lips have almost disappeared. I’m going to get consultation about it next time I visit the clinic!

I was able to get back to my workplace within 2 weeks. Everyone said that my nose look so natural and well done. I was cute looking before the surgery, but now I look more mature. My friends keep saying that I look luxury and prettier. I really love it~ I have removed a little plastic thing which was holding up inside of my nose, it feels more better on breathing. I’m so happy with my nose being straight.
1 month later

My nose is getting more natural. I can touch it and it’s not painful anymore It’s been a month already. What a surprise! I can totally understand and feel that why people get plastic surgery for nose. Every time I looking at the mirror, I cannot believe how my nose look so different compared to before.

“My plastic surgery story 3months after”




What do I think of two jaw surgery?
Two jaw surgery in my opinion!? It totally changed my appearance and life, but it was a major surgery. My lantern jaw was fixed in an instant. However, recently there are people getting two jaw surgery who do not really require it. Especially celebrities... there are those who look fine but they get surgery to become prettier... I think celebrities are giving two jaw surgery a bad name.
I also got a completely changed appearance through two jaw surgery, and a big image change, but as a person who received this surgery I can definitely say that much thinking should be done before getting it. Even if I did become prettier, I think this surgery should only by those who require functional improvements.. People who have known me comment on how pretty I have become after surgery. When they ask me, ‘should I get two jaw surgery too?’ I want to hit them. Two jaw surgery should only be done by people who really need it, and only after doing a lot of research about both the surgery and the clinic.. if you want good results. It’s not like going to the convenience store and picking out something to buy..

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