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Friday, April 22, 2016

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, selected as Seoul Medical Tourism Cooperation Organization

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group,
selected as Seoul Medical Tourism Cooperation Institution


Wonjin has been selected as Seoul Medical Tourism Cooperation Institution.  In order to activate the Seoul Medical Tour, Seoul city has selected the excellent hospital for each medical field and create a trusted environment for medical tourism.
Every year, the number of foreigners visiting Korean for the purpose of medical care is increasing rapidly.  Since high quality services and health care services are required, it was selected strictly through the assessment evaluation committee consisting of experts in Seoul Medical Tourism Partnerships.
If selected as the partners in the medical tourism, Medical Tourism Coordinator interpretations associated support from Seoul until December 2016 and receive a variety of opportunities of promotion marketing when promoting overseas for medical tourism.
Wonjin have mentioned, “The medical tourism in the wake of selected partners will do our best to attract foreign patients. In addition, many foreign patients are trying to receive advanced medical technology and medical services visit Korea.”
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group have received 2014 Medical Korea attract foreign patients Secretary for Health, Welfare and partial recognition and awards for three consecutive years and Medical Asia for four consecutive years won the Grand Prize molded composite parts.

Source: Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

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