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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

[Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic] Reinforce Your Skin Barrier with Cellcera Return Project at the Change of Seasons

 Reinforce Your Skin Barrier with Cellcera Return Project at the Change of Seasons
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While the warm spring weather is good, dust , seasonal cold wind , sunlight and dust can cause skin problems. Avoid skin damage caused by the external environment with skin barrier strengthening skin care products.
Moisture from Marine Collagen and Hyalauric Acid!

Itching skin and rash can occur at this time of year by weakened skin barrier and skin dryness. Dermatologists at Wonjin Plastic Surgery suggested Cellcera Revital Ampoule as a way to improve dryness and itchy skin and add moisturizing to skin which was its effect was proven by clinical test.
Marine collagen, Brown Algae extract, and Hyaluronic acid prevent evaporation of skin water and form a moisture protective layer to increase the amount of moisture in the dermis layer. Also, toni skin, one of the ingredient of Cellcera Revital Ampoule regenerates skin damage within 72 hours.
In addition , it helps in spots and pigmentation reduction, improves dermal compactness and skin surface elasticity. It is dual functional cosmetic ampoule product to provide whitening, anti-wrinkle effect and it has passed hypo-allergenic clinical test, so perfect for people with sensitive skin.
Revitalize the Damaged Skin with Moisture and Nutrient Supply!
Wonjin Bio HC's Cellcera cream is originally known as "Magic Cream in Yellow Container" by many people. It was being very famously used ointment cream to heal the scar at the clinic. It contains enriched Centella Asiatica which help in treating damaged skin and Toni skin, which is a patent component from SILAB, French company helps to stimulate collagen production to enhance skin elasticity.
USDA certified organic ingredients and 10 free system with hypo-allergenic test passed ingredients allow it to be adequate for both normal and sensitive skin type. By using this product, you can prevent the factors that can decrease elasticity of skin or cause blemishes and scar.
Micro Concentrated Hydration!
Daily Returns Cellcera mask is dual functional mask for anti-wrinkle and whitening effect which contains Centella Asiatica extract and various natural plant extract to keep skin elastic and moisturized. It is made up of cotton sheets which helps to improve the skin barrier to adhere to the skin without irritating the skin to improve weak skin elasticity. 
These products are developed to help ​​weakened skin especially during change of seasons and strengthen the skin barrier. It is effective in damage and blemishes, and skin aging. You can find more about Wonjin Cellcera Return Projects that is comprised of three kinds cosmetic products at Wonjin mall:
Source: Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic
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