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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Are you concern about breast surgery? Wonjin is your answer!

Are you concern about breast surgery? Wonjin is your answer!
Summer is just around the corner and many of people are considering about breast surgery.  Let’s check out the FAQ.
What if the implant is noticeable?
Wonjin can create the most natural volume with various experience and know-how. Don’t worry that the implant will be noticeable just because you are skinny.  After surgery, exclusive after care system will be performed for capsular contracture and high satisfaction with ultrasound high-frequency machine care, breast massage care, and scar treatment as well as medical examinations.
Is breastfeeding possible after breast surgery?
Breast augmentation surgery does not interfere with breastfeeding at all.  Wonjin’s breast surgery does not damage the mammary gland so safe breastfeeding is possible.
Is it okay even if I'm very skinny with flat pigeon breast?
Any type of body can achieve natural breast.  Even if you have flat chest and skin, it is possible to get natural result if the implant is inserted correctly.
The differentiation of Wonjin Breast Center
Wonjin Breast Center has 3rd Generation Full 3D Endoscope
3rd Generation Full 3D Endoscope
The gel close to the body is thin, light, and does not spread to the side, which makes it natural and pretty teardrop shape even with a big volume.
“The reason for performing Breast Surgery with 3rd generation Full HD Endoscope”
1. With 3rd generation Full HD Video System Endoscope, it is possible to analyze the muscle structure and incise accurately which reduces the nerve damage and preserving the sensation on nipple and breast.
2. With the endoscope, it is possible to minimize bleeding through small incision for fast recovery.
3. 3rd generation Full HD Endoscope can find even the smallest bleeding area, which helps to reduce the possibility of side effect.
4. Minimized pain through accurate and precise incision which makes the post-operative care easier.
Wonjin’s safe and painless implant insertion method!
Keller Funnel 2
“The reason why Wonjin’s Keller Funnel 2 is a must!”
1. It is aseptic disposable product without any possibility of contamination.
2. Reduces tissue damage and bleeding through soft and easy insertion.
3. Minimal pain and low possibility of side effects.
4. The implant does not rotate during the insertion.
5. Any insertion area is suitable including armpit, areola, and under the breast which reduces the surgery time.
Create beautiful breasts with no side effects
“The reason why Wonjin’s Capsulitis is a must!”
1. It is excellent for tissue stabilization. Capsulitis enhances the micro blood flow to stabilize the soft tissue.
2. Remove the possibility of inflammation at an early stage.
3. The metabolism activates which leads to natural shape and soft feeling.



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