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Monday, May 16, 2016

Are you planning to have liposuction, for your special summer?

Are you planning to have liposuction,
for your special summer?

Are you planning to have liposuction for your special summer and planning for the summer vacation? Or are you tired of continuous diet? Every woman wants to have a pretty body line and tries hard to achieve it. However, there are certain body parts that are hard to lose weight due to particular body type. If so, liposuction can be the solution.
Many people are interested in liposuction and inquire about the surgery.  At Wonjin, there is an ongoing event which is valid until the end of this month and many of customers came to get liposuction.  Among those, here are the most concerned side effects and postoperative requirements.
1. Will yo-yo syndrome occur after liposuction?
During the liposuction, the fat cell will be removed. Therefore, there is lower chance of gaining weight on the treated area.  However, it’s possible to put on weight on other parts, so it’s recommended to exercise regularly.
2. Will my skin sag after liposuction?
In order to prevent the skin sagginess, the customized surgery should be performed.  At Wonjin, we lowered the possibility of skin sagginess with various types of machines, depending on the individual’s skin type and areas.

3. Is swelling after liposuction consider as side effect?
It is normal to have some swelling and bruising after surgery.  Major swelling and bruising will subside from 1 week and decrease in size gradually so please do not be too concerned.
4. Is it better to melt the fat, or extract the fat?
It depends on everyone’s skin type and area, but first melting the fat and then extracting the fat would be the best and safest to lower the damage of tissues and never.

5. Will the skin get bumpy after liposuction?
The unevenness on the surgical area is a typical side effect which occurs when the fat was extracted too much.  In order to prevent this symptom, it is important to establish a correct surgery plan through the medical examinations and get the procedure from the experienced specialist.





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