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For your Beautiful Legs!

For your Beautiful Legs!
Summer is coming and females are more interested for body shaping and diet these days. Let’s find the ways to make slimmer and beautiful legs for perfect body!
1.   For beautiful legs – Walk to near places
It is good to walk to near places about 1-2 bus stop distance, or 1 subway station distance as a habit. If you have time in the morning or on the weekend, jogging is more helpful.
2.   For beautiful legs – Stand while taking public transportation
Stretching your legs while taking public transportation is helpful.
3.   For beautiful legs – Use stairs under 5 stories
Using stairs for under 5 stories to go up is helpful than taking an elevator. But
4.   For beautiful legs – Raise and shake the legs before going to bed
For some days you walked a lot, or sat down for all day long, shaking the legs before going to bed helps.
5.   For beautiful legs – Always stretch
For blood circulation, stretching whenever it is possible is good, which yoga helps much more.

For beautiful legs – Wonjin’s Calf surgery
Calf surgery creates shapely calves by blocking select nerves in the calf muscle thereby decreasing muscle thickness. WONJIN’s non incision method does not literally ‘burn’ the muscles but uses tiny micro cannula to block the nerves in the gastrocnemius with thermal energy, decreasing discomfort and bruising.


1.   Non-incisional selective neurolysis
Calf reduction surgery without incision, can reduce the size of calf muscles only by injecting neurolytic medicine to the nerve area. WONJIN uses a nerve detecting device in order to detect and sever nerves precisely. Because this surgery uses needles without incision, scars are not noticeable, and you can return to everyday activity quickly.
2.   Medium-frequency Muscle Reducing Surgery
This uses medium frequency to remove the excessively developed muscles. It reduces inside and middle layer of the muscle. It is often done along with nerve cutting calf reduction surgery.
3.   Calf botox
When surgery feels too intrusive, Botox injection can be done to reduce muscles. It is selectively done even when lateral gastrocnemius is overly developed. It is a simple procedure which makes immediate return to everyday activity possible, but injections should be done regularly because the effect lasts only for 6 months.
4.   Calf liposuction
Liposuction at WONJIN is performed with only the latest equipment and surgical techniques to get you the taut, slim body you want.
5.   Calf lifting method
The thread is inserted in the calf with not even 1mm incision which is not visible and also the result is
naturally good for returning back to daily life right after the treatment.





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