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Breast Surgery in Korea Real Before and After Photo's

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To be glamorous ~
As my surgery date approaches, I am busy searching online on how to best prepare. At first, I started looking at different types of breasts, but now I am looking at stories of people who received breast augmentation.
I found that breast surgery is considered a major surgery and to be honest I’m a little nervous but…I trust the doctors at Wonjin. Better pray for good luck hehe!. To ease my nervous mind I started talking to my dog.. “Hey…after I get surgery…you can’t run up and hug me, okay!? Got it?? Now sit!!!! " I hope you guys don’t think I am a crazy person. Here are some pictures of me before my big day. As you can see, my breasts are small and perky. However, the trend in Korea is to become more glamorous and soon I will take my first step!~ Look forward to my first step to become glamorous!

The day of surgery

It’s been a day after surgery but the pain won’t go away…and so I decided to stay an extra night. I think removing the blood pocket will make things much more smoother… While in the hospital, the nurses are busy taking my temperature, checking my blood pocket status, and giving me painkillers. I’m so grateful to all the kind staff helping me. My breasts feel tingly, my hands are swollen, and I think I look pretty awful. I’m trying to eat the congee provided to me but I think my taste buds have changed. Before surgery, I didn’t eat congee because I thought it tasted too plain, but now it tastes super salty…T.T

7 days after

Hello ^^ The weather is so great today. ^^ It’s been a week after my breast surgery. I’m on my way to get my stitches removed as well as get my breasts checked out. I was stuck recovering at home and so it felt good to get some fresh air outside. I was actually a little nervous..about going out because what if someone bumped into my breasts?? I slowly and carefully took the bus, and then the subway and arrived at Gangnam station. Look mom, no worries! The doctor calmly gave me several quickfire capsular contracture shots..They stung a little bit, but it wasn’t too bad. I still have some bruising and swelling from my breast surgery, but the doctor tells me this will go away with time. After I got my stitches removed, I was given 2 free breast massage care coupons, I walked home happily ^^


1 months later

To be honest, I’m quite fond of drinking and shortly after the 2 week mark I had a few sips of beer… I hope I don’t get an infection T.T However, I’m sure my youth can cure all my ills! But..I should still be extra careful with my breasts ~~ I went on a 2 nights 3 day trip to Busan for vacation. It was my first time and everything was so pretty. There were many sites to see and the weather was gorgeous. I checked out the international film festival and I feel like I can go anywhere with no problems, it must mean that my breasts are all Good!


3 months later

A small face and Sharp nose :)
How are my breasts?
Height 158cm, textured cohesive gel 315cc implant, armpit incision, bust size (I measured it myself) 75cm
Ho ho ho It’s already 3 months! ^^ My boobs are doing fine, thanks for asking hehe I plan on getting my 3 month checkup next week. I’m not sure if it’s just me but some tingling sensation happens now and then. I’m going to ask when I go in for my check up next week. My breasts help me fit my clothing better and it makes me so excited! I’ve fallen in love with how I feel when I wear a winter sweater~ However, I do feel a bit burdened by peoples’ stares and interest? Tehehehe



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