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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Korea, the Best Place for Plastic Surgery!

Korea, the Best Place for Plastic Surgery!

Compare to population, Korea has the highest rate of people who gets plastic surgery done in the world. In average, there are 65 surgery cases for 1,000 people, which is very high. This means many plastic surgeons can have numerous experiences. In between that there is Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic with 21 years of experience and over 70 medical specialists. For safety, we have exclusive anesthesia system and smart examination system with total care system after the surgery.
These systems are the largest clinic in Asia’s new generation safety system for function, and beauty of the patient.

Also, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group support for Medical treatment and help who has difficulties from birth. Recently, Dr.Park Wonjin supported medical treatment for student name Seo(14years old) and in case of any additional surgeries required during her growing period, Dr.Park will support until she becomes an adult and healthy. Also, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group will keep supporting the patients with low income who cannot afford the surgery for free.

Public volunteering of well-known plastic surgery clinic in Korea,
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group
With Good-Neighbors, Plan Korea, Korea Compassion international NGO group, Wonjin affiliate one on one with foreign children in poverty and support in long term for their health and dreams.

One of the reasons why Korea is the best for plastic surgery is because plastic surgery system is well systematized, stable surgery result with experiences and newest technical devices. Wonjin has specialty of 21 years of experience and know-hows for patients.

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