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How to Get a Dewy and Glowy Skin like Honey?

How to Get a Dewy and Glowy Skin like Honey?

6 Resolutions for perfect skin!



Resolution to make skin feel smooth like honey?

Most think that only good skin comes from naturally gifted people but there are ways to have a great skin if you put some effort to it. 
You might have wrong idea of skin care, do not know the ways or you might have a bad habit, 
Today, we will post about taking good routines to make skin feel like honey glossy skin. First of all, to have a good skin, you will need to have clean hands.
Most dirty part of our body are hands. If you touch things from public places, smart phones, keyboard and more things that are highly exposed to germs and 
touching face or skin unconsciously with dirty hands will easily make skin irritation.    
There are many whom unconsciously touch their face frequently, this could lead to fatal effect on skin health.
These kind of habit can not be easily fixed, try to maintain clean hands, wipe hands regularly will definately help on skin health.  
Second resolution is to extend cleansing time to clean very thoroughly.  
These days men seem to take more interest in skin however cleansing period is short and the ways are incorrect.
If you invest some time regularly, you could protect yourself from aging, acne, pore, dead skin cell and other types of skin trouble.
To wash your face,  wash your hands first and need to open pores with warm water. Then use cleansing foam or soap to lather 
and massage smoothly around t-zone area; eyes, nose and between eyebrow area and rinse with cold water so pores will close.

Third resoultion is to increase your water absorption.
Water intake is very important for skin health. Drink 2L or more daily, drink 10 cup or more and you should drink more water in winter. 
Fourth Resoultion is to extend sleep hours.
If you are in need of sleep, your skin will look crumbly. You should sleep at least 8 hours to maintain a good skin health.
From 10pm to 2am is the time when skin regenerates and revitalize well so if you sleep those hours will help a lot on skin regeneration.

Fifth resoulution is to apply sunscreen when in outdoors.
You must avoid UV which gives worst effect on aging, you must wear sunscreen when exposed to UV.
Sixth resolution is consuming vitamins. This is important way as drinking water.
Taking vitamins that contains seasonal fruit and varieties of vegetables are short cut to protect from skin aging.
Resoultion to make skin feel smooth like honey?

You might have known the information already and these are easy ways but most important thing is to put effort to it. 
As said earlier, if you don't have naturally gifted skin, try all the resoultions above and don't get stressed on your skin condition, try your best to improve on your skin.


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