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Friday, July 15, 2016

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, the most famous and safe plastic surgery clinic among Gangnam!

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, 
the most famous and safe plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam!

Do you know how many plastic surgery clinics are located in Gangnam?  There are about 1500 plastic surgery clinics nationwide in Korea and 500 clinics among in Gangnam area.  If you walk through the streets in Gangnam, you will often see many people with a mask on.  Wonjin is Asia’s largest plastic surgery clinic and one of the best in size, history, and scale.

At Wonjin, there are many surgeons and medical staffs, which mean that the scale of clinic is big and that many people are visiting.  Also, since there are many medical staffs, it means that they are responsible for the patient’s safety and satisfaction before, during, and after surgery.  Not just the medical team, but all the employees in Wonjin is dedicated for our customer’s satisfaction with experiences and know-hows that has accumulated for many years.

▲Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is a clinic which many Koreans visit)
Recently, the number of plastic surgery clinics in Gangnam has increased, but the number of customers visiting Wonjin also increases every year.
Why Wonjin?  We have thought about why many of customers are visiting and choosing Wonjin, despite the increasing number of plastic surgery clinics.

First of all, it is because it is the largest clinic of all in Gangnam.  It is because Wonjin has a degree of credibility to conduct promotions, which draws the customers to Wonjin.

Secondly, the safe surgical system!
At Wonjin, there are 6 anesthesiologists to individually check the patient’s condition from the beginning, during, and after surgery. In addition, because the thorough sterilization and disinfection always maintain the sterility of the operating room and have a maximum of equipment and systems to cope with emergency situations.

Finally, the reason why Wonjin clinic is famous among plastic surgery clinics in Gangnam is because the excellent teamwork of medical team which has been accumulated for many years.  It has been proved by the Global Medical Services was awarded the fourth year in a row forming part of a comprehensive destination for the third consecutive year and Commendation was awarded the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  Nevertheless, Wonjin will strive and work the best for our customer’s satisfaction and the best quality service.

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